The Divorcée SaleTM  was created by Jill Alexander who saw a need to help newly single friends discard their fashionable baggage from their previous life. These items serve as symbolic reminders of what is holding people back from closing a chapter of their past and moving on with their future. Jill also wanted to help her friends and other women fight cancer and is committed to donating a percentage of sale proceeds to charity. Many women report that donating their things allows them to make a break from their old life, free up closet space and give them peace of mind knowing that a portion of their proceeds are being donated to a great cause. The Divorcée Sale was created to help women through tough times in life. What better way to do that than through fashion?

Our Mission Statement is simple:

The Divorcée Sale is a fun-filled shopping affair, a cathartic personal experience and a charitable event designed to benefit all who participate. 25% of the event’s sales go to a women’s cancer foundation. The Divorcée Sale sources its merchandise — clothing, shoes and handbags — from fashionable and charity conscious individuals who are looking to shed their wears from a past life and to beat cancer

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