Beverly Hills Pop-Up Shop Sells Divorcee Fashion
Divorcees sell their high-end wardrobes as they leave their pasts behind

A temporary thrift store of sorts in Beverly Hills will be available to the public from Oct. 24 to 29.

The Divorcee Sale is a pop-up store that sells the high-end wears of wealthy, divorced fashionistas at bargain prices.

The brainchild of fashion veteran Jill Alexander, the store helps the recently divorced make some spending money and at the same time helps them put the past behind them.

“Women get rid of things for financial reasons, emotional reasons,” Alexander said. “It’s really cathartic to clean out your closets.”

Alexander’s divorcee sale business usually sets up shop in LA or NY hotel suite. The Beverly Hills store is her first actual pop-up shop.

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Through ‘Divorcee Sale’, Fashionistas Snag Other Women’s Pre-Divorce Designer Clothing at a Big Discount

Dolce and Gabbana. Prada. Ralph Lauren. New York City mother Michelle Lewis has a closet full of designer clothes. And she says now she needs to get rid of them all.

As stylish as the clothes may be, they are unwelcome reminders of her past marriage.

“When I wear them, I remember the time of when they were purchased for me. And since my life has evolved and moved on, it’s just time to let that go,” Lewis, who divorced and has subsequently remarried, said during an interview with“Good Morning America” in which she discussed her decision to purge her closet of many of the things her ex-husband bought for her.

What gets sent away and what stays in Lewis’ closet is not always an easy decision. She has a real attachment to some of the garments.

Impractical Clothes, Bittersweet Memories

One item in particular — a little black dress — was purchased for her by her then-husband in happier times, on a special trip to Las Vegas.

“It’s a little bit sexier than I would normally choose for myself,” she said. “It’s something I have a lot of great memories about, but something I don’t see fitting in my current life.”

That’s where Jill Alexander comes in.


Alexander is the creator of The Divorcee Sale, a company she founded to help women clear their closets of the past — all while making them a little money.

Learn more about The Divorcee Sale HERE.

Women have turned to her because it’s often hard for them to face how their lives have changed.

“You go to these women’s homes and they have closets of Chanel bags that they no longer need, gowns they no longer need, fur coats that they no longer need. … Life changes when you go through a divorce,” Alexander said. “One consigner who was previously married and had 60 designer gowns … well, her life has completely changed and she no longer needs the gowns and would rather get the money and buy things that she can wear for her new life.”  Read the full article here.


Divorcées Selling Belongings To Move On In NYC

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A special sale kicked off at the Mondrian Soho Hotel on Friday aimed at helping divorced women turn their pain into profit. They’re cleaning out their closets and leaving their pasts behind.

Business started in May of this year for The Divorcée Sale, and the sales are held in different locations throughout the country, but this is the first divorcee sale in New York.

“For me it was like I don’t want to get rid of anything but I had no choice. I was moving from a larger home to a smaller place after my divorce and I didn’t have the closet space, so it was essential that I shed a lot of excess baggage so to speak,” Karen Todman told CBS 2?s Cindy Hsu.

Todman had been married for 22 years.

That’s where Jill Alexander came in. She sells that high-end baggage on consignment. She comes to your home, helps clear out your closet, and helps the women move on.

“To get a fresh start whatever the new life is,” she told Hsu. “You know some women need to sell their clothes for financial reasons, some for emotional, it’s all different.”

As for the money, 45 percent of the profits go back to The Divorcée Sale, 30 percent to the woman who put the products up for consignment, and 25 percent is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

You’ll find lots of designer names from Chanel to Cartier at 30 to 70 percent off what you’d pay for retail.

“This is a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress with lip prints. We sell this for $125, where in stores you would find it anywhere from $300-$400,” Alexander said while showing Hsu some of her inventory. Read full article here.


Take my castoffs … please!

Karen Todman was downsizing from her 5,700-square-foot Los Angeles home in Holmby Hills, right around the corner from Candy Spelling, to a 2,400-square-foot condo in December, when she realized she needed to unload.

“I didn’t have the large closet I was used to having. I lived in a house for 25 years and just sort of collected things,” explains the 55-year-old mother of one.

Todman, who got divorced from her high-flying television- and movie- producer husband in 2001, no longer needed her two Givenchy cocktail suits or bevy of evening gowns, like the Lanvin stunner she wore when she accompanied her ex to the Emmys one year. “My lifestyle isn’t [about] going to those events anymore,” she says.

So when the California resident caught wind of the Divorcée Sale, a shopping event where divorced women can sell off their old designer duds, she decided to bid her old life adieu — and cash in.

“One man’s meat is another’s man’s poison,” she reasons.

Todman and more than 20 other divorcées are hoping to score meaty profits while purging emotional poison tomorrow night at the first ever Divorcée Sale held in New York. These love-spurned ladies have consigned their Hermes handbags, Carolina Herrera gowns and bling (including one $7,500, 18-karat gold bracelet — the most expensive piece being offered) to the sale at the Mondrian SoHo. Depending on condition, prices will hover anywhere from 50 to 90 percent off retail cost.

Looking for an Edwards-Lowell mohair poncho trimmed with leather and fur for $1,195? You can pick up Todman’s garment at the NYC sale for a fraction of the $2,500 she paid back in her married days.

After all, Todman could use the cash, “for normal expenses . . . just to live.”

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Something Old, Something New: The Divorcée Sale

The event might not sound upscale on its face – hand-me-down goods combined with a sample sale mentality – but the selection in the penthouse at the Mondrian SoHo this past weekend was nothing less than luxury.

There was a classic Chanel handbag ($2,500), a Louis Vuitton purse ($1,800) and a diamond tennis necklace ($2,900), along with other items costing upwards of $5,000.

It was New York’s first Divorcée Sale. Tagline: “Her past. Your future.”

It’s basically what it sounds like: a curated sale of items straight from divorced women’s closets. The sale’s founder Jill Alexander piloted her concept in Southern California in May 2011, and in three sales, luxury items have gone for as much as $25,000.

Ms. Alexander, who has never been married (or subsequently divorced), says she came up with the idea after working in fashion for 15 years for designers like Tory Burch and meeting divorced women who were looking to unload their wardrobes from their marriages.

Besides cleaning out their closets, the sale also helps the divorcées raise some cash for their newly single life.

For every item sold, 30 percent of the proceeds goes to the former owner, 25 percent goes to two breast cancer charities and Ms. Alexander’s company keeps the rest.

And while it’s still called the Divorcée Sale, the rules have changed: You no longer have to be divorced to consign items to the sale. “It could be a divorce from your previous life in another city, maybe you’ve changed a job or sold a house,” Ms. Alexander says. “Pasts can come in different forms.” Read the full article here.


Save the Date for The Divorcée Sale

In a social hotbed like New York, it’s no wonder that auctions selling the couture lots of famous divorcées like Ellen Barkin and Patricia Kluge garner historic sales. Take that phenomenon, multiply the inventory by about a hundred and add a charity component and you have The Divorcée Sale, a shopping event that benefits breast cancer research and features consigned treasures from the closets of fashionable former wives from across the country. This Friday through Sunday, The Divorcée Sale will transform penthouse two of the Mondrian SoHo into a sartorial wonderland brimming with Hermès bags, Lanvin jewels, cashmere in every possible incarnation and on-trend fall fashions. “We have quite a few capes, which is really exciting,” says sale founder Jill Alexander, a former brand manager for Tory Burch, of the New York stock. Read the full article here.


Divorcées Sell Off Designer Bags, Fashions

DIVORCE, AMERICAN STYLE: Newly single women will descend on the Mondrian Soho hotel in New York this weekend for The Divorcée Sale in order to liquidate designer bags, baubles and fashions from their once-married lives. The concept is the brainchild of Jill Alexander, a veteran of Tory Burch, Barneys New York and Plein Sud, who started the traveling consignment sale as a way for divorcées to turn their Chanel, Dior and Prada into cash as they wade back into single life. Consignors receive 30 percent of the proceeds, Alexander’s company receives 45 percent and the remaining 25 percent is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Read full article here.


These Boots Were Made for Selling

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Julie Spira watched with vested interest as a woman examined Ms. Spira’s purse in the chandeliered ballroom of a luxury resort.

“That’s my Chanel vintage jumbo clasp, in camel,” whispered Ms. Spira, a 54-year-old brunette, as she observed the younger blond from the across the room. “It’s a classic.” Ms. Spira was hoping to sell off the trappings of her life as a married Los Angeles socialite in The Divorcée Sale—a new market springing up these days in the ballrooms of upscale hotels in Southern California.

Ms. Spira, a former radio and Internet executive, is among a new generation of divorcees looking to move on with her life with proceeds from the sale of surplus Chanel bags, Diane Von Furstenberg gowns and jewelry. “I had a very glamorous lifestyle. I had to look a certain way,” said Ms. Spira, who also was selling a necklace of baguette diamonds from her ex-husband, a home designer when they were together.

For these women, divorce means saying goodbye to a spouse, along with poignant farewells to Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Dolce and Gabbana, and walk-in closets. Read full article here.


Shoppers scarf up luxury fashions at ‘The Divorcee Sale’

‘Her past. Your future’ is the slogan of Orange County event where divorced women can dump their unwanted designer ‘baggage’ and help a good cause — breast cancer research. At the height of Whitney Barry’s marriage, she had a beautiful walk-in closet with more than 50 pairs of designer shoes, cashmere sweaters and handbags.  Now, she’s a divorced mother of two who has had to downsize her closet. But she’s had help. She consigned designer pieces for The Divorcee Sale, a fashion event that has been held in Los Angeles, and for the first time this weekend in Orange County. A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Meredith Israel, a New York woman with stage-four breast cancer. Read the full article here.


The Divorcée Sale Announces Orange County Charity Shopping Event

Orange County, CA (1888PressRelease) July 14, 2011 – Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast welcomes the luxury blend of clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry and fun that is The Divorcée Sale. The items available for purchase at the event come from fashionable and charity minded women who have opened their closets and consigned for a great cause- breast cancer research. Merchandise available for purchase includes; clothing from Tory Burch and Lanvin, handbags from Chanel and Pucci, shoes from Manolo Blahnik and Marc Jacobs and so much more. Read the full article here.


The Divorcee Sale’s Jill Alexander on Life, Divorce and Shopping For What Comes After

You could almost call Jill Alexander a professional confidante: even though she herself has never been through divorce, she’s been there enough times for friends and colleague who have. And in a very “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” moment, she came up with the idea for the Divorcee Sale, the wildly popular event in which recent divorcees unload some of their sartorial baggage, and then Jill combs through and curates it, and then has a fab party where shoppers can buy it — and the proceeds benefit charity.

In the process, Jill has pretty much seen and heard it all — stories of heartbreak and triumph, and women not batting an eye as they hand over $5,000 dresses that just remind them too much of a period of their lives they want to get over. And through it all, Jill has come away all the richer for it. So we asked her to share some of her wisdom, secrets, and stories. Read the full article here.


The Divorcée Sale: Designer Clothes, Bags, Jewelry Up For Grabs In Los Angeles

You could call Jill Alexander a divorcee sympathizer. The former west coast brand manager for Tory Burch isn’t divorced, but let’s just say she gets where divorcees are coming from. Her latest project is theThe Divorcée Sale, a fashion-forward event that invites divorcées to get rid of their unwanted designer “baggage” for a good cause—breast cancer research. The event takes place May 13-15 at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. The entrepreneurial fashionista, who has worked in the luxury retail business for 15 years, including stints at Barneys New York and Dolce & Gabbana, talked to HuffPost about her inspiration for the sale and why getting rid of YSL can be cathartic. Read the full article here.





We hit up The Divorcée Sale over the weekend at the Mondrian Hotel’s posh penthouse to see what goods the spurned wives had anted up. The notion of women literally getting rid of their “baggage” (like a gorgeous oversized Louis Vuitton for $2,500) was kind of cute, plus 25% of the proceeds went to support breast cancer research, which would probably wash away any residual bad mojo lingering in items that in some way represented a failed marriage.

We understand that a good chunk of the high end designer stuff got snatched up during Friday night’s VIP preview event (natch), but there were still some quality picks left over the weekend like a purple Lanvin silk dress for $350, a grey strapless Stella McCartney number for $145, and a buttery Loro Piana camel leather blazer for $200. In addition, there were loads of more casual wear from lines such as Rag & BoneTibiNancy HellerJuicy Couture, and Seaton. A girlfriend commented that women who get divorced sure do wear a whole lot of Tory Burch, but we assume the influx came from The Divorcee Sale founder Jill Alexander‘s past gig as west coast brand manager for the line.   Read the full article here.



The “Divorcée Sale” is a fun-filled shopping affair

LOS ANGELES—This week NY WEST sat down with fashion savvy Jill Alexander to discuss her new endeavors and some of the hottest things about Los Angeles! Jill knows a little more than a thing or two when business and fashion are the topic of conversation. This bicoastal girl at heart has been intertwined in the fashion world for years from Los Angeles to Paris. Her black book of fashion brands and fashion-forward acquaintances includes names from Lanvin to Tory Burch. From May 13-15, Jill is debuting a modern twist to buying fashion apparel and accessories with “The Divorcée Sale.” The “Divorcée Sale” is a fun-filled shopping affair, a cathartic personal experience and a charitable event designed to benefit all who participate. Read the full article here.


The Soon-to-be-Famous Divorcee Sale

DOWNTOWN—You know it, you love it, and the 12th Street by Cynthia Vincentsample sale is back this Thursday and Friday, 10am to 4:30pm. Never been? This is kinda what it looks like. Bring your own bags. 860 S. Los Angeles Street, #422 [Racked Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD—Oh, if these togs could talk: it’s The Divorcee Sale, your chance to shop the very tony closets of celebs, socialites, and other women who spend a lot of dough on clothing. Score major deals on barely or never worn luxury clothing and shoes from the likes of Lanvin, Miu Miu, and Christian Louboutin, and help two very worthy causes: A portion of sales will be donated to BCRF Breast Cancer Research Foundation (Evelyn Lauders Charity in NY) and Meredith Israel’s medical fund. It’s at the Mondrian Hotel, and you can get VIP shopping (for $35) on Friday, May 13, 7pm to 10pm. The sale opens to the public on Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sunday, 10am to 4pm. 8440 Sunset Blvd. [Racked Inbox]  Read the original post here.


Shop The Divorcée Sale At The Mondrian Hotel

By Yolanda Evans

They may have washed that man out of their hair, but they still have a few pieces that remind them of their exes. So, to help these lovely ladies gain some closure, stop by the Mondrian for The Divorcée Sale from May 13 to 15. Browse through their unwanted clothing, shoes, and handbags, and give these old castoffs a new home. Read full post here.

Post Traumatic Dress Disorder

Mondrian Hotel Hosts Charity Divorcée Sale This Weekend

So the court papers have been finalized, the protracted custody battle finally settled, the international property portfolio divided up and the lavish post-divorce party thrown. What’s a wealthy woman to do next? Clear out the closets, of course!

For three days, from Friday, May 13, the Mondrian welcomes the wardrobes of the rich (and – who knows? – possibly famous) and we lucky plebs get to savor previously cherished clobber such as shoes by YSL and dresses by Pucci. Most items are unworn or barely worn.

The spring stage of a bi-annual shopping spree, the Divorcée Sale is billed as helping socialites and other rich types move on with their lives while helping the rest of us find new gladrags. (As the tagline goes, “Her Past, Your Future.”) Read full post here.


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